Real Actions. Homegrown Perspectives.

Annette Meza is not only a native of San Diego, but a homegrown product of CA District 53.  The daughter of immigrants, she knows first hand the struggles facing working class families in this very district.  She has overcome adversity to become an educator, an advocate for human trafficking victims, and a Latina activist and leader.  She is the only candidate running as a Christian Democrat.  

Her values have informed her career as a classroom teacher and leader.  She earned her Master’s in Education from Point Loma Nazarene University and has worked closely with the children and families of this community, leading them to achieve their dreams through education.  As an activist and organizer, she has fought for the voiceless victims of human trafficking and slavery, bringing awareness and attention to their plight.  

Her campaign focuses on the real issues facing individuals and families living in this community:  Healthcare, education, climate change, veteran wellness, and family empowerment. She is an advocate for veterans, a champion of the elderly, and a dynamic voice for working families and young people striving for their goals. 

Annette Meza is the voice and perspective that we need in Washington:  A homegrown leader; not a career politician or shill for the rich and powerful.  An educator and activist that has the vision to see the problems we face, and the wisdom to see the solutions that are right for our hometown.