What is a “Christian Democrat”?

I’m a Christian. I grew up in the Catholic Church, volunteering my time at church events and teaching catechism. While studying at Point Loma Nazarene University, I began to attend a non-denominational Christian Church. My faith has taught me to have love and compassion for all. My values and morals stem from my faith as a champion for kindness, equality, and justice for everyone.  

I’m a democrat. Most of my views on issues align closely with the democratic party. I believe we should fight against injustice and always protect human rights. This includes every person regardless of age, income, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.  


Reducing Gun Violence

The US is undergoing an epidemic of mass shootings. We need to protect and invest in our youth by ensuring we take responsible action in keeping weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill and those with existing legal action (i.e. restraining orders). Universal background checks for all gun sales are a must and gun purchasing loopholes need to be closed. We absolutely need to be able to research and run data on all shootings nationwide in order to assist in addressing these catastrophes head on. The Dickey Amendment must be repealed.



I am in support of ensuring abortion remains legal and safe but believe we should strive to make it rare. We should aim to make contraceptives and family planning resources easily accessible, provide comprehensive sex education, and expand adoption resources.



Those who identify as LGBTQ+ deserve the same rights and protections as every American and should be protected from discrimination in every way. My faith has taught me to love and treat people from all walks of life with respect. We should take discrimination, hate-speech, and the bullying of the LGBTQ+ community very seriously.