To get us to a better future, I want to bring about changes in 4 main areas: Education, Climate Change, Veteran Wellness, and Family Empowerment.



As an educator within the district, I experienced a lack of support services and a learning gap in students as early as kindergarten. Therefore, I advocate for universal pre-k, affordable higher education and vocational training, and encouraging girls to participate in STEM education, career planning, and leadership skills.


Climate Change

According to the San Diego Foundation report on climate impacts in San Diego County, District 53 has seen an increase in extreme temperatures, wildfires, and sea level rise. These environmental factors cause an increase in energy costs, exacerbate health issues, and displacement from our local communities. Therefore, I will collaborate on a green new deal that all parties can agree on, support the district in its implementation, provide opportunities to small businesses, and continue supporting the desalination plant within the district.


Veteran Wellness

According to census data (ACS 2018), San Diego has multiple military bases and 9.3% of the population in District 53 has a veteran status. By focusing on education, I can help veterans integrate back to civilian life by providing vocational training and internships. With medicare for all, I can strengthen mental health programs to prevent veteran suicide and homelessness.


Family Empowerment

As of 2017, 19.7% of the population in District 53 were still uninsured according to a study conducted by Congressional Research Service. I believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and no one should be bankrupted from being sick or injured. I will push for medicare for all, so that everyone can be covered. I will also push for the plan to encompass family planning, universal daycare, maternal and paternal leaves, mental health, and regulating costs of prescription drugs.